W.K. (Kip) Stratton

Award-winning author
photo of Kip Stratton

W.K. (Kip) Stratton is the author of nine books, including The Wild Bunch: Sam Peckinpah, a Revolution in Hollywood, and the Making of a Legendary Film, which won multiple awards and was a Los Angeles Times bestseller. He writes frequently for Texas Monthly and Texas Highways magazines and was a freelance contributor on books and culture to the Dallas Morning News for three decades. He's also written for many other magazines including Outside, Sports Illustrated, and GQ. He's one of only sixteen writers to be named a fellow of the Texas Institute of Letters since its founding in 1936. He's also a past president of the organization. In December 2020, he published "What Happened at Pease River Wasn't a Battle. It Was a Massacre" in Texas Monthly.

Kip is speaking at 1:45 PM Saturday in the Quanah High School Auditorium on "What Really Happened at the so-called Battle of the Pease River." He contends that what many people have been taught about the so-called Battle of Pease River and the capture of the Comanche woman Naduah, who had been born Cynthia Ann Parker, was incorrect. And it didn't even happen on the Pease River.