About the Quanah Parker Medicine Mounds Gathering

June 17-20, 2021

The Quanah Parker Medicine Mounds Gathering is scheduled June 17-20, 2021, at the Medicine Mounds and in Quanah, Texas.

It is a project of the Quanah Parker Society and a dedicated team of volunteers from across Texas and Oklahoma.

The Medicine Mounds, four dolomite mounds southeast of Quanah, are culturally significant to many Comanche, and to the descendants of Quanah Parker. The ranch that currently owns the mounds has invited the Quanah Parker Society to create an event that allows public access to these landmarks while celebrating Comanche culture. Register for a campsite or event.

Events will also take place in the city of Quanah, and at the museum in the ghost town of Medicine Mound.

Larry Gatlin, known for his work with The Gatlin Brothers and the Grand Ole' Opry, has been adopted into the Parker family with the Comanche name of Tsa Muu Ya Keta. He is performing a concert at the Quanah High School Auditorium on Friday, June 18 at 7:30 PM, with The Red Dirt Rangers and Darby Sparkman. All the proceeds from the concert benefit the Quanah Parker Society & Center in Quanah. Get your tickets now.

The Quanah Parker Society & Center

The Quanah Parker Society & Center exists to strategically and sustainably promote the history and cultures that preserve the legacy of the Comanche people and the settlers who came together to courageously create Quanah, Texas, in the 1800s. Learn more.