Quanah Parker Medicine Mounds Gathering 2021

Quanah, Texas | June 17-20, 2021

If you're ready to get outside and see something new, come to Quanah, Texas in June!

The Medicine Mounds, four dolomite mounds southeast of Quanah, are culturally significant to many Comanche, and to the descendants of Quanah Parker. The Quanah Parker Society is hosting a 4-day event that allows public access to these landmarks, celebrates Comanche culture, and highlights the history of the area. Activities will take place both at the Mounds and in Quanah.


Interested in volunteering? Volunteers are needed for several days from June 15-20, 2021. Opportunities are available both indoors and outdoors at various venues in downtown Quanah, at the Quanah High School Auditorium, and at the Medicine Mounds campsite. Volunteers are being managed by the E. Eugene Johnson Memorial Foundation in Quanah. To volunteer for this event and to become registered with the foundation for any other future volunteer opportunities in Quanah, please go to https://timecounts.org/eejfoundation/events/31533.